Baby Center
Full line of Gerber foods, full selection of diapers, baby wipes, health needs, bottles, rattles and other baby needs. Full variety of Formulas, and the capability of getting special requests within 48 hours in most cases.
Full in-store bakery featuring Store baked breads, rolls, pies and sweet items. Fresh donuts fried daily. Specialty cakes and Artisan style breads. Special occasion cakes made to your requirements, with ability of applying your picture to a cake.
Now with new Milk cooler/case for perfect holding temperatures. Fresh milk delivered each day (except Sunday) from Farmer's dairy and Pecora's dairy.
Featuring Shurfine Deli Gourmet meats, Hatfield, and Boars Head brands. Seafood department. Fresh Hoagies made daily. Wonderoast rotisserie chickens. Store baked Ham, Turkey, and roast beef. Full line of fresh salads.
Floral Bouquets are available daily at the registers.
2 deliveries per week of fresh seafood!!
Frozen Food
We make our own ice using our fresh well water. Never a chemical flavor. 12lb solid blocks and 10lb bag of "real" cubes (square, not round) available. 24hr/7day availability via outdoor vending machine. Full variety of Frozen foods and Ice cream. Temperatures computer controlled and monitored - even over night
We are proud enough of our Back-room operations to offer tours to child care facilities. As a member of ShurSave, we have the buying power to offer some of the best food specials in the Hazleton Area.
Health & Beauty Care
nearly 2600 items in stock including a full line of women's hose.
Household Items
A large selection of Automotive fluids, and car care needs as well as household items.
Imported Foods
A great selection of Imported and Specialty foods!
Still cutting our own fresh beef, pork, lamb, veal. Fresh Ground meats multiple times per day. Participating in the Certified Angus Beef program. Meat room visible through customer window. Special cuts available 7 days/week from 7AM to 4PM.
Natural Foods
The best in natural foods always in stock.
Pet Center
A full 2 aisles wide of pet foods and supplies for your special friends.
Featuring LOCAL grown produce in season. Full selection of pre-made salads. Some organic offerings, poised to grow as does demand. Fruit Baskets available per your phone order of in advance.
School Supplies
A large selection of writing implements, as well as tapes, glues, and notepads. We also have a complete line of different colored poster boards, for those special projects.


Copy Machine
Only 20 cents per copy! Coin operated, change available at our customer service center
Double Coupons

We will double the value of all manufacturer coupons up to a maximum value of $1.00 with the exception of:

  1. Coupons for all advertised specials will NOT be doubled but will be honored at face value only.
  2. Coupons marked "Not to be doubled" or any other such phrase will be honored at face value only.
  3. All Cigarette and Milk coupons will be honored at face value only per State minimum pricing.
  4. The doubled coupon value will never exceed the price of the item.
Gift Certificates
Money Orders
Phone Cards
Rug Doctor
U.S Postage Stamps